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I usually take a fly-on-the-wall approach, observing groups at a distance. I did a series called Bachelorettedocumenting the cultural ritual of bachelorette parties, as a night of release for women. Photographing the Amish vacationing started as an asment for the New Yorker. They sent me to Florida, where the Amish and Mennonites have been spending their holidays since the s, in a square mile of Sarasota called Pinecraft. I went back four more times, just for myself, renting an apartment in the neighbourhood. Popular culture associates the Amish and Mennonites with a romanticised older way of life.

Mostly, people were friendly and curious.

The Electric Amish Menonite Girl

Pinecraft is a fascinating and very social place. Visiting Pinecraft is often the only time Amish and Mennonite communities get to mix.

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There are gospel concerts in the evenings, and buses come in every day bringing more visitors. So I started off by talking to them, asking questions, and making sure that the whole town knew I was there. And then, by their looks and smiles, I knew when I could take pictures without people even paying attention to me.

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It was exhilarating to push myself out of my comfort zone around talking to people. But even so, it took me a while to get up enough courage to try to photograph anyone at the beach. The beach is about 20 minutes away from Pinecraft itself, and you have to take a bus there. A couple of them said no to my photographing them, but this group of girls agreed and asked if I would sit with them.

There was a group of Amish boys in their trunks you can see them in the picture nearby and they were exchanging glances. Pinecraft is known as a good place to meet potential husbands or wives.

Who Are THE AMISH? (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

I sat and chatted with the girls for some time and they asked me about life and photography and dating. Then the boys went down to the water and the girls followed them and alled to me to come and take the picture.

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There were 40 copies and I gave every last one of them away. I recently shot a cover image for Time magazine of two Pfizer scientists in their lab in Germany, from my home. Using an app on an iPhone, I took the images through my laptop. Born : Donetsk, Ukraine, My best shot Art and de. Exchanging glances with boys … young Amish girls from Kentucky stand at the beach, a popular destination with Amish and Mennonite people. Photograph: Dina Litovsky.

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Interview by Amy Fleming. Wed 26 May Amish on holiday — photo essay. Topics Art and de My best shot Photography Religion features. Reuse this content.

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Amish girls on holiday at the beach: Dina Litovsky’s best photograph