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Alright guys, so what do you know?

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My favorite so far has got to be The Lodge. It's a nice place with clean amenities. It's owned by women, so the girls are taken care of or at least that's what I would believe I've only been there once, so I can't say much more than that. Buck's Cabaret: Brand new, lots of good deals on drinks. Cabaret Royale: Slower than the usual clubs, decent girls there and cheap cover. If you go around lunch time there is a really good all you can eat buffet.

Spearmint Rhino: Classy and clean. Good dancers, drinks can be expensive.

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Went to the lodge only one time myself for my birthday about years ago. Really liked it but i'm not much of a strip club person. However back when it was a concert venue called Dallas City Limits i was there all the time. Xtacy is another strip club. You can byob and on Wednesdays it's 10 dollar lap dances. But I believe cover is XTC is my shit haha. So dirty, so awesome. I always hit it after uptown bars close. I went to The Lodge for the first time about six years ago. I thought it was a great experience.

I went again recently and felt like it's gone far downhill. I waited 30 minutes for a server, and only got one because when one of the girls came by asking if I wanted a lapdance I said I'd really rather have a drink and she went and found a manager. At that point I still only got visited by my server a couple of times, served the wrong drink, and had to wave her down to get my check. When I spoke to the same manager when I was leaving about my concerns he was completely dismissive and uninterested. Then there's the "talent. Not so much now. Just your average uninterested stripper.

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They barely look at anyone when on stage unless you walk up and have money. Then they smile at you just long enough to take your money. They smile when asking if you want a lap dance and it's gone and they're already scanning the crowd for their next target before you finish saying no.

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What's wrong with a guy wanting to go to a strip club? Found the internet! Strip Clubs in Dallas: reviews, experiences, best nights, deals, steals and tips Posted by Downtown Dallas. Sort by: best. I work with a lot of the clubs in the area.

Some I know off the top of my head: Buck's Cabaret: Brand new, lots of good deals on drinks. Jaguars: BYOB and good dancers. Open til 5 am. Reply Share. Continue this thread. More posts from the Dallas community. We strive to be a friendly and welcoming community to all of our users whether they are longtime residents of DFW, newcomers, curious redditors, or just visiting. Created Oct 17, Top posts march 3rd Top posts of march, Top posts Back to Top.

Club dallas review strip

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