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I'm guessing that you're not living on some secluded island away from the mainstream, and, because of that, I have a hunch that you know it's football season. And as we've probably all done the past few weekends, sitting in mesh shorts watching every game we can, there are some tell-tale s that the sport is back in full swing. Keep reading and you'll know exactly why the best time of the year is now—because football season is back. And while the 12th Man is one of the rowdiest fanbases on the planet, there is no shortage of other NFL supporters around the country that do the same thing—by showing their love for their favorite team during the last day of the work week.

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The best part about this? Football season might not kickoff with these two going head-to-head, but make no mistake, the season always features the future Hall of Famers on the same field—so mark your schedules for November 2 this year! For all those who have a fantasy football team, smack talk has already been in your life for the past month or so since your league drafted. Sure, tailgating happens during other sporting events—sometimes—but nobody does it better than football fans.

Just make sure to get there early for a good spot in line for food. If there's one thing that convinces sports fans to do some really dumb stuff, it's the start of football season.

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While we're all hopeful that our favorite teams will compete and have a chance to win the Super Bowl, some people take things to the extreme, getting permanent ink of things that may or may not happen. I love the ballsy support, but couldn't they have just made a friendly prediction rather than get tatted up? While you have your good friends who actually come to the game and sit next to you inside the stadium, for those who have a regular tailgating spot in the parking lot, there are friends who are only seen or talked to during football season.

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Swapping stories of years past and trading food for beers, these people might only be known by nicknames, but they're some of the most loyal people you know—even if you do only see them eight times every year for home games. Guys going shirtless in the winter, when sub-freezing temperatures occur?

Not so acceptable—accept when they're doing it in a football stadium surrounded by 60, other fanatics.

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Sports make us do a lot of crazy things, and, for better or worse, seeing guys' skin during mid-Decemeber is one of those things. And while sitting on the couch all day with a controller in your hand trying to win the Super Bowl might be more appropriate during the winter months, fans start doing it once Madden is released every August, getting themselves prepped for another football season.

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I wouldn't be surprised if some people reading this have already gotten through three seasons in Franchise mode by now, to be honest. While we all love going to weddings every single weekend from March until Labor Day weekend, it's ironic that the season of getting hitched ends right as the football season begins.

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OK, so maybe it's more about the weather not being as great following early September, but I'd like to think it has a little bit to do with the gridiron being back. Just as you and your buddies plan trips to Vegas for bachelor parties or to the beach with family members, football fans mark their calendars for one thing—the big games. Don't think for a minute that people didn't request the last week of November off in order to see the rematch between the Auburn Tigers and the rival Alabama Crimson Tide—especially after seeing how last year's game ended.

It might seem a bit childish to take trips solely for seeing one's favorite team, but screw it—let the haters hate!

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Ever been sitting in the office or in class and found yourself passing the time by debating whether trading Adrian Peterson for Calvin Johnson is fair or not? OK, so this might be a video of New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski campaigning to become the Madden cover boy last year, but I think you get the idea—sweatpants Saturday is exactly like Gronk's routine here. Simply put, it's when football fans wake up on Saturday and Sunday, grab some food—and in many cases a drink—and do nothing but sit around and watch games all day long.

Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, the Manning Brothers are the annual that football is back in full swing.

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A marketer's dream, both Peyton and Eli Manning have been featured in commercials thousands of times, but with their second straight DirectTV rap releasing this year, fans were reminded just why having access to football from anywhere is so important. We might not all be the biggest Peyton and Eli fans around, but they sure do get us all hyped for the upcoming season.

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Football seasons here

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