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I have actually discovered something in this country that crosses all political, religious, socio-economic class, ethnic, age and gender lines. It's a very unique part of my family. I mean, I like the Steelers, too, but my dad works for the Giants.

Both families have maintained at least partial ownership of both teams since they were founded. Johnson told SportsIllustrated. I had my Steelers hat on when they played the New York Jets last week and I'm going to have my Steelers hat on Sunday, cheering for them.

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Works for me. But Sandler may not deem the Steelers as his favorite team, as most forums, message boards and pictures indicate he is a bigger fan of the New York Jets. The song reached No. It's gonna be the Steelers' anthem: It's called 'Black and Yellow. And apparently the anthem appealed to more than just Pittsburghers. Louis Rams a couple of years ago. A devout Steelers fan, Limbaugh was recently urged by a caller to abandon his love for the black and gold because the team had presented President Obama with a game ball. And god would I love to see Wiz Khalifa No.

Troyer may have been higher on my list, but if you check out the clip carefully, it looks like he is wearing a jersey from some other NFL team, quite possibly the Lions. Flag on the play, Mini-Me. She's cooking and having some people over, which should be fun. I'm like, 'Please stop talking about Lea Michele's performance! How does a baseball pitcher who rose to prominence in Philadelphia for the Phillies become a Steelers fan?


I guess good taste knows no boundaries. Schilling has gone as far as defending his beloved Steelers in an interview in Boston while he played for the Red Sox. In another interview, he said that Swann's famous catch against the Cowboys in Super Bowl X was his most memorable play in team history. Way more than good enough for me, brother. Although he grew up outside of Kansas City, Rudd told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette he has always had a huge spot in his heart for the six-time Super Bowl champions. I was a die-hard Steelers fan," he said. More than comedies or movies or anything like that, it was the main thing in my life [his Steelers fandom] that I cared about the most.

Rudd admittedly has grown to also become a fan of his hometown Chiefs over the years.

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But once a Steelers fan, always a Steelers fan in my book, Frenchy. Some have doubted country music legend Hank Williams, Jr. In an interview with the website PittsburghSteelers. They know that my love for the team comes from inside my heart. I went to training camp a few years ago. Maybe not a die-hard Steelers fan, but Christina Aguilera grew up with her mother at her grandmother's home in RochesterPa. So, she grew up in Pittsburgh? She sang before Steelers games? And she sang before the last Steelers Super Bowl game? How does a basketball player who grew up in Dallas become a Steelers fan?

This YouTube clip is proof enough for me and all of you Steelers fans. So much so that the subject comes up in many of his interviews. Jeff Goldblum has made a of incredible movies, including The Fly pictured above and has always made celebrity lists of famous Steelers fans. Goldblum was born in the Pittsburgh suburb of West Homestead, making it virtually impossible for him to be a fan of any other NFL team. Wrestling legend Kurt Angle takes down the No. The former five-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion is the only Olympic gold medalist in the history of professional wrestling, and he makes no bones about it in interviews that he has always been a massive black and gold guy.

Angle was born the city of Mt. Lebanon, Pa. Jones told steelers. She wanted to send me a belt buckle for Christmas. Chalk up one for Madden Football Jimmie Johnson and another one for a belt buckle bought by grandma as the links between two celebrity Steelers fans and their allegiances. Country star Toby Keith cracks the Top 10 on my famous fan list and is another long-time black and gold backer.

Keith, who once played played tight end with a semipro team, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about some issues that arose for a show of his in the Steel City: "The last time we tried to play one night in Pittsburgh we had to refund a lot of money to people who couldn't get in [because of long traffic lines], Keith said. I've always felt that sense of 'this is your town' when I'm there.

It's so blue collar there, so hard hat, they've just kind of adopted me as theirs. Known for his roles in such films as BatmanPacific HeightsBeetlejuice and many others, Michael Keaton is a well-known Steelers backer from way back. Reggie Jackson has been a Steelers fan for more than four decades since he and legendary running back Franco Harris developed a close friendship. The former lead singer of the rock group Poison, Brett Michaels is one of the more well-known Steelers celebrity fans.

He hails from Butler, Pa. Michaels, who was the winner of the reality television show The Celebrity Apprenticewas once a member of a group of Steelers fans called "Lambert's Lunatics," a human homage to one of the greatest middle linebackers in NFL history, Jack Lambert. Good taste there, Brett. Trust me, no one on the list knows more about the Pittsburgh Steelers and would be a better fan to talk with about the black and gold than Scott Ferrall.

ET on SiriusXM Radio channel Howard is one of the most intelligent and honest voices in the history of sports radio. Trust me. Ferrall's broadcasting career began at all-news KQV radio in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Although he is huge hockey and Pittsburgh Penguins fan, Ferrall—who was a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman in —knows more and talks in-depth about a wider variety sports than anyone to ever grace the airwaves.

Plus, he is as die-hard a Steelers fan as you will ever find. Once Calvin Broadus, then Snoop Doggy Dogg and now just Snoop Doggthis marijuana-loving West Coast rapper has been a member of the Steelers Nation since when he used to watched games with his grandfather. And I dare you to try to find another list on the planet on which Rush Limbaugh and Snoop Dogg are both members. The head writer for Saturday Night Live and host of the show's Weekend Update segment, Seth Myers has so much black in gold in his blood he felt the need to wave a Terrible Towel during the show on March 1,at the end of the Weekend Update segment in honor of the late Steelers broadcaster Myron Cope.

Pretty smart dad there, Seth. Franco Harris and Roberto Clemente are two of my all-time favorite stars. And I have enjoyed many games in Pittsburgh. Palmer was born in football-rich western Pennsylvania and lives in Latrobe, home of the Steelers training camp.

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He was also extremely close friends with Steelers founder Art Rooney and is pictured above with Pittsburgh running back extraordinaire Jerome Bettis. Scouring the Internet, message boards and chat rooms, I came across enough famous names linked to the Pittsburgh Steelers that this very well could have grown into a Top 50 or Top slideshow. How do you like them apples, Bubba? Reynolds is well-known for his role as Paul Crewe in the original The Longest Yard, where he plays a former Steelers quarterback. He also starred as another former Steelers player in the television series Evening Shade.

Married With Children star Ed O'Neill was an undrafted free agent of the Steelers in the summer of and is also rumored to be a member of the Steeler Nation. T have all been rumored to be fans of the Steelers. So there you have it. That is almost everyone I could find—I kept a couple of controversial names out so as not to taint the Steelers name or stir up nasty debate in the comment section below—who is confirmed to be or even remotely linked to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

If you have any others you know of, or have heard of, feel free to leave them below. Follow me on Twitter: KevinStott Enjoy our content? our newsletter to get the latest in sports news delivered straight to your inbox! Your sports.

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