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Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Learn more. Wheldon 1N. Iqbal 2C. Twum-Barima 2U. Meade 2A. D'Souza 2P. Lung 2A. Hart 2I. Adam 1P. Tozer 2S. Brown 1. We report preliminary of MSC treatment with stringent radiological outcomes at two UK centres. Clinical and MRI follow-up occurred 6 months post-treatment.

Radiological healing was also sought. However, when stringent radiological criteria are applied, complete healing was not demonstrated. Long term outcome data are awaited. Machin 1H. Younan 1A. Slesser 1,2Y. Mohsen 1,2.

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Aim : Ileoanal pouch vaginal fistula PVF is a complication of restorative proctocolectomy with ileo-anal pouch anastomosis. Online searches of databases Medline, Embase, Cochrane Library and clinical trial registries were performed.

: 27 articles were included in the study: 13 retrospective cohort studies, 2 prospective cohort studies, 8 case series, 3 case reports and a case-control study. A narrative synthesis was performed due to heterogeneity between articles. Our review included PVFs, the incidence rate was 2. Both local and abdominal approaches were used in the management of PVF.

The overall success of local and abdominal procedures was Conclusion : Local interventions and abdominal approaches have a high failure rate. The of this review will aid counselling of patients.

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Furthermore, we provide an algorithm for discussion on the management of PVF based on experience at our local centre. The studies available on management of PVF are low quality; a large prospective registry and Delphi consensus are required. MacFarlane 1T. Baldock 2L. Brown 3R. McLean 2. Aim : This study evaluated the demographics and outcomes of patients with IBD undergoing bowel resection and assessed for the potential impact of surgical subspecialisation.

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The primary outcome of interest was day postoperative mortality, with secondary outcomes: length of stay LoSstoma and anastomosis rates. : A reduction in the of resections was noted over time — vs.

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No change was observed for day mortality over the study period 3. Laparoscopic surgery was increasingly utilised 0. More patients were managed by a colorectal consultant, — Conclusion : The study demonstrated a ificant reduction in the of resections over time, increased utilisation of a laparoscopic approach and a shift towards the care of IBD surgical patients under a colorectal subspecialist.

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Dybau 1H. Adamovich 2D. Nizheharodava 2A. Starastsin 1T. Vladimirskaya 3V. Shadrina 2H. But-Husaim 1M. Zafranskaya 2A. Varabei 1. Aim : Assessment of the therapeutic efficiency of mesenchymal stem cells MSCs from the rat bone marrow in the model of the inflammatory bowel disease IBD.

Rats were removed from the experiment on the 1st day and day 7 after treatment. : The fluorescence of RNA-labeled MSCs in the colon wall after first and seven days was prevailing after intra-aortic infusion. These rats gained weight, got rid of diarrhoea, blood in the stool and contamination around the anus as well after 7 days. The mucous membrane, the submucosa and the muscle layer of bowels were without ificant pathological changes. Per contra, there was no marked relief of inflammatory after intravenous administration of MSCs. Conclusion : MSCs of the rat bone marrow introduced into the aorta of animals with the experimental IBD provided ificant reduction of intestinal inflammation by accumulating mainly in the colon wall unlike the intravenous route.

KhanT. Manzoor, S. Khan, J. Aim : To compare postoperative outcomes following Ileal pouch anal anastomosis with and without proximal diversion. : studies were screened. Re-operation was more frequently required in non-diverted patients P value 0. Heterogeneity was low in 5 out of 7 variables. This appears to occur at the expense of a higher re-operation rate.

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An RCT is required to help define the selection criteria. Lansdorp, G. Smeekes, C. Aim : Success rates after conventional inflammatory bowel disease IBD treatments are suboptimal. : After screening publications, 11 human CD, UC patients and 15 animal studies were included minimum animals unclear total amount in one study.

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Adverse events were described in 6 out of patients 0. Animal studies reported less weight loss and a ificantly decreased Disease Activity Index compared to controls. Furthermore, laboratory values including inflammatory and oxidative stress markers and histopathological features improved.

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Conclusion : HBOT is a promising treatment for IBD patients with high clinical, radiological and endoscopic response rates and few adverse events. Animal studies support these findings. More research for subgroup-specific therapy is needed. Iqbal 1,2C. Twum-Barima 1,2L. Reza 1,2J. Warusavitarne 1,2P.

Tozer 1,2A. Hart 1,2. Aim : Outpatient IBD clinics at our tertiary centre were restructured to allow simultaneous assessment by both a Gastroenterologist and Surgeon, however patient perception of dual clinician presence has not been assessed.

We aimed to evaluate patient perception of multi-disciplinary care in this t IBD clinic. Method : All patients attending the t clinic were asked to complete an anonymised questionnaire in which they rated statements describing attitudes towards the clinic on a 5-point Likert scale, in addition to rating overall satisfaction and desired frequency of t clinic appointments.

: Responses were received from 44 patients 12 male, 27 female, 5 undisclosed gender, age range 18—65, mean The majority agreed that t assessment was beneficial for decision-making, occurring without intimidation or receiving conflicting messages. Conclusion : Effective IBD management requires co-ordinated care across specialties. Patients report that simultaneous medical-surgical assessment has practical and emotional benefits, without feeling overburdened or anxious by dual clinician presence.

This supports streamlining IBD care in specific clinical scenarios. Gohar 1S. Panteleimonitis 2A. Parvaiz 3,4. Aim : The purpose of this systematic review is to analyse and evaluate the potential benefits of a laparoscopic approach on long-term pouch function, as compared to the open approach.

Method : A comprehensive literature search was completed in March : Six studies were included in this review. There were a total of patients. There were No ificant differences in terms of functional outcomes were discovered between the two groups. Defecation frequency was not found to be ificantly different, with an average of 7.

There was also no ificant disparity found in the reporting of faecal incontinence and urgency. Standardisation regarding acquiring data on faecal incontinence and urgency is needed, so that these can be compared. Manoharan 1K. Gokul 1R. Brice 2D. Artioukh 1. Introduction : The incidence of microscopic colitis MC has recently increased to that of ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease but its diagnosis can be difficult. Aim : To establish the incidence of MC and the diagnostic value of random mucosal biopsies.

Method : consecutive patients 35 men and 65 women; median age In all patients, the procedure colonoscopy in 69 and flexible sigmoidoscopy in 31 revealed no endoscopic features of mucosal inflammation. Findings on histological examination of random mucosal biopsies were retrospectively analysed.

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