I need money women only

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All you need is to pay for everything for her! Bitcoin has gone up so much I bought myself a yacht! And mainstream media feed into this narrative. That is in spite of the fact that they earn on average 82 cents for every dollar a man makes.

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The golddigger trope also comes with the idea that the woman is manipulative, ensnaring a man under false pretenses to rob his money. The year-old man is with the year-old because she is beautiful and young, not for her wit and personality. And the year-old is with the year-old for his money and the comfort of living that comes with it, not his physical attractiveness or all the life experiences they will be able to share.

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And this brings us to another fundamental truth: all relationships are based on some form of transaction. In an ideal world, that transaction is an equal exchange of love, affection, laughter and support. But this is not the case in many partnerships, nor is it the historic root of marriage, initially based more on property rights and protecting family fortunes then on love and romance. Why should we judge those women looking for money in a relationship any more than those men looking for a pretty woman to look good next to them?

Or men looking for an ever-supportive wife to give them the cheerleading they need to succeed? They are equally shallow reasons to enter into a marriage, yet only those women seeking money are called out for it. The bottom line is, if a man feels like women are only interested in his money, that may be the only thing he can offer them, and this is linked to which women he will seek out.

If an older man only goes for younger women, they are less likely to be interested in his looks, in what they have in common because they will have entirely different life experiences. If men want women that are interested in themthey should aim for women with whom they have similar interests. If men want to be treated as humans not as walking wallets, they should go for women that they see and treat as humans, not trophies. Or, as comedian Whitney Cummings puts it:.

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Maybe just date adults, with jobs. A new intersectional publication, geared towards voices, values, and identities!

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An Injustice! Women Equality Dating Relationships Marriage.

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I need money women only

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