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The goal is to create different kinds of senior moments Life is much more interesting and exciting when we have our friends around. Research proves that socializing with friends keeps us feeling younger, healthier and happier, physically and emotionally.

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After all, you are here to meet people and make friends. It takes a village to make this work Must be a permanent, year round full time Attending an event that you did not R. It is your job to delete your RSVP! If you make other plans … please remove yourself from the wait list so that others can come.

We do try to book restaurants that issue separate checks, however, it is not always possible. The mission of this group is to enable our members to build new connections and friendships with other women by enjoying a variety of fun activities together.

This group is for women only, married or single, who live in Palm Springs or surrounding communities. We are young at heart, friendly, classy, interesting, welcoming and supportive of one another. Our events will include happy hours, morning coffee and tea, lunches, brunches, dinners, wine and beer tastings, bowling, live music, dancing, cultural outings, visits to local attractions, community benefits, and outdoor fitness activities.

Most events will be in Palm Springs, with occasional events throughout the Coachella Valley. Funds will be used to cover costs. Any excess funds will be used to benefit the group. No compensation is provided to the group leader or other organizers.

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Please review the group guidelines before ing to confirm that this group sounds like a good fit for you. Guidelines can be accessed via this link:. Are you a full-time Coachella Valley resident? Not a tourist or snowbird? Well then Let's face it. The Coachella Valley isn't the most happening place for those of us in the age bracket and it's difficult to meet young, fun, outgoing people. We can all be honest, right? I'm here to change that. I believe once we meet a few times and "expand our horizons," and grow the group, our social circles will triple in size Your information will be treated confidentially.

An identifying photo is required to this group. This is for safety reasons. This is not dues, not reoccurring, will never be charged again. One time contribution. Please note that Meetup has just changed their feature to include an automatic map to the name of each event. Please do not rely on them. I am unable to delete them or stop this process.

Future hike listings may not contain anything in the Location line for this reason. Locations will often be in the hike description. Our hikes will be primarily easy and moderate hikes at a moderate pace. I am looking forward to hiking, growing friendships and spending good time together. One No Show to a restaurant event in eviction from the group.

Closed shoes are required. Events that say Hiking Shoes Required will be strictly enforced. Members are limited to bringing guests.

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You need to be an established member attend five or more eventsand are limited to one guest unless rsvps are open no limit on event. Some popular events will be closed to guests.

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For couples, I suggest each separately, as opposed to counting your spouse as a guest each time. Please be aware that participation to any events with this group requires viewing, reading, and agreeing to the liability disclaimer. Desert locals in their 30s and 40s looking for new friends and overall fun with variety of activities!

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I am super excited to be apart of this wonderful group of people. I hope you are too. My PE teacher said, "walking is one thing people don't quit" So hopefully this group will motivate you to take the first step.

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So 1st. We get to meet new friends from those who live local, and our wonderful Snow Birds who visit seasonally. We all love it here and can share in the beauty and abundance of things to do. Come to share laughs, your stories of family and friends near and far. Many of us are retired professionals from many different backgrounds and walks of life. Lets share those great stories and get involved in our community and support our local businesses.

Understand and Respect Our Freedom for Divergent thought.

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We are Not accepting anyone from the far left or the far right. If you believe that more government control and handouts is what we need, This is NOT the group for you. God, family, our Nation, our National Anthem, our beautiful Flag, military and the police are our backbone, and are truly respected and supported. Yes, we've made many mistakes in the past, but it is still part of our history and we need to learn from all of our mistakes, not erase them, tear down or destroy them.

Build and move forward as a nation for all people, one nation Under God!. No gossiping and no MEAN girls! It seems ridiculous that I have to even say this at our age, but you have no idea how rude people can be! Do not just show up without a reservation. Guests will be invited from time to time. But they cannot sit at the table if there has been no reservation made for them. I will not ask people to scoot over to be squished and uncomfortable while eating. Restaurants do not like adding or subtracting place settings at the last minute!! I try to find restaurants that accept separate checks.

DRAMA can come in many forms. Over drinking and making a spectacle of yourself is considered drama. No one appreciates people who are trying to get free meals from restaurants, it will not be tolerated in our group. Guess why I'm mentioning this?

Because it happens a lot! The whole purpose of the Meetup is to get together 'as a group' in order to get to know one another. It's about friendships and having fun. Hopefully within this group setting you can meet that very special best friend! Before attending a Potluck at someone's home you must have attended five 5 regular meetings and stayed and talked to people.

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That means in order for you to attend an event at someone's home, you have to have gone to an event in the last month, with a total of 5 events throughout the year. This is a vetting process to make sure you are a good fit for this group, and we for you. We also respect the home of the member who is giving the party and we would like to know that the people who are invited, we know well. Also, be sure to post your Birth Month no year needed, we know we are Seniors We would love to celebrate with you!! Please take yourself away from the group if you have the need to smoke or vape.

Most public places do not allow it, so please follow all posted s. If you are not up to date with computers or Smart Phones, then this is probably NOT the group for you. Instead of establishing an age limit or max for the group, I recommend that you know your limitations and consider yourself an "ACTIVE" Senior, in every sense of the word.

You must still be driving, and are capable of seeing to your own personal affairs. I go through every few weeks and remove anyone in pending status to clear up the files. Three months without attending minimal events 3 eventsyou will be removed from the list Unless you are a Snowbird and have contacted either Organizer about being out of town, but WILL be returning. Please Do NOT turn someone away from a seat who has ed up for an event and is on time, because you are saving it.

You or your guest who are late, will have to move for those who are on time. It's only fair. Having fun is what we do! Let's all come together and Be Kind.

Local hookups Palm Desert California

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