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The bane of creativity and the scourge of productivity. The problem comes with the type of things we engage in to alleviate our boredom. How many times do you get told to make productive use of your time, to engage in physical activity, etc. After all, a walk around the park is a physical activity and technically checks quite a few boxes. But the repetition will tend to put you right back where you were, mentally idle.

Most of the activity involved in walking, even walking around a park is muscle memory and needs very little mental engagement. That is where we come in with a handy little list for you that will have you mentally engaged in no time. Following these tips will help you achieve the littlest of things you have always wanted to do. Pro Tip: Although nTask is powerful project management software, we do have some amazing features centered around squashing boredom for teams.

You can set up meetings and invite co-workers to a casual banter about work, related activities, and vice versa. Here is a list of productive things to do that will prove both productive and effectual for you in professional and personal growth. Productivity apps are beginning to play a ificant role in helping manage our workplace tasks, personal organization, and team productivity.

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These apps allow you to organize your to-do lists, events, meetings, schedules, etc. It helps you stay on track with timely reminders and handy tips on how to carry out some of those tasks. Check out our blog post on our handpicked top to-do list apps. Use it for personal or team productivity. Podcasts are a great way to boost your morale and get you on top of your game. The best part about them is that you can listen while you are out walking, driving, or while you wait in line for your coffee. Focus your search and find out more about handy tips and tricks from business leaders who are inspiring people to change their lives and make their careers more interesting.

Next time when you look for the productive things to do when bored, check out these top productivity podcasts. Choosing a career path involves acquiring knowledge and skills in your field, however, somewhere between the work hours and getting home in time to eat and get your eight hours of sleep can sometimes leave our acquired skills in the dust as there are new things on the horizon every day. A great way to fill up some of your downtimes is to acquire another skill or brush up on the basics.

Research the latest trends in project managementcustomer managementsoftware developmentor any area of interest during your free time. These activities can help in your long-term career growth. Next on our list of productive things to do when bored is to learn a new language. According to language experts at LearnALanguageOnline.

The 10 Best Productivity Blogs to Read in None of us like an impossibly full mailbox, but the s continue to pile up. Sometimes we mark an unread as a way of keeping it in our follow up… either way, they pile up very quickly. According to The McKinsey Global Institutean average employee spends 13 hours a week reading and responding to. de-cluttering can be one of the most productive things to do in your free time. Set up a reminder with sticky notes on your desk or wherever you can easily see it and get down to cleaning up your inbox.

Check out several ways this blog can help you to maintain an optimized inbox. This also allows you to identify time slots where you can allocate yourself some me-time. As a result of preplanning, you will also have the luxury of being able to track down a colleague or a friend who may have carried out similar tasks. Here are some top project planning tools to add to your resources in planning. Best Task Management Software for Startups in Research at Emory University concluded that reading non-fiction can help the brain function better and boost its connectivity.

Another study suggests that people who engage their brains with activities such as reading, chess, or puzzles are 2. If you prefer the feel of a real book, walk to your nearest bookstore and pick up the latest offer, and grab a sandwich, and head out to the park for a great afternoon. Here are some book reviews that will help you whether you choose to buy a printed book or an E-Book. Acquiring a new skill creates new neural pathways or strengthens the existing ones, in your brain. Discover the untapped areas of your mind and enhance your creativity by learning new skills.

You can learn presentation skills, public speaking, graphic deing, video editingdevelopment language, and many more. Statistics show that typically, individuals get most of their work done 9. And discovering whether you are a morning or nocturnal person helps you plan your task well.

This can be a little challenging, especially for introverts but trust us when we say this, networking is crucial when it comes to staying at the top of your game. Another productive thing to do when bored when you have free time on your hands is to take the opportunity to reach out to your industry professionals to make yourself visible. One of the most productive things to do whenever you have free time at work is to update your. You never know when an opportunity knocks on your door, so you should be prepared.

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This might take some time but it will give you useful insights to reflect on your career and what career choices you should look into. This practice can come in handy when there are possibilities of internal advancement. Discovering you have time on your hands at work is an opportunity to pick up more responsibilities. Take a look around you and find a colleague who needs help or an intern you can mentor. Taking up new roles breaks the monotony of your routine which may be stepping out of your comfort zone, but adds value to your career development and brings better opportunities along the way.

Journaling is now an accepted way of therapy for many issues. So take some time out of your schedule and write it all down. Your journal is like your best friend, but without the trust issues, just a place for self-reflection and serious venting. Sitting at your desk for long hours without taking a break to move around can have a negative impact on your productivity, studies show that walking has a direct relationship with your creativity levels. People who sit for long hours at work are at a higher risk of contracting multiple ailments.

Squeezing in a strenuous workout routine during your schedule can be tough but very rewarding. Choosing to engage yourself in active exercises for a little bit each day can work wonders for you. Take a small break at intervals to go for a small stroll around the office even if its short distances. To improve your productivity and creativity at work, try to move around more often.

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It is also an opportunity to organize your folders into smaller and easily identifiable information. Categorize all the files according to their type and group them in related folders to make accessing them in the future a whole lot easier. If you have the opportunity, find a quiet place and track your progress on just about anything you may want to monitor. This review will help you analyze your goals better and set your priorities straight. It is a great way to highlight your achievements and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.

With all your achievements right in front of you, you will likely be motivated to stick to your goals and get better in the decision making. Normally this activity is associated with the New Year and its affiliated guilt. These carefully thought-out goals will give you a laser focus on what exactly you want to achieve and the ability comes from the credibility of the life of the written word. Distractions are everywhere around you. They are also the worst enemy of productivity.

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Whether its social media, unnecessary s, or callsthey can turn out to be your productivity killers if not addressed rightly. They can also mentally and physically exhaust you, thus taking a toll on your mental health too. To improve your focus and give all your energies to your tasks, you need to eliminate distractions around you. Firstly, try to identify what is distracting you from your standard work routine and is slowing down your productivity.

Jot these things down and analyze how much time you use on each one of them. This will give you a fair analysis of probable distractions and what you need to do to remove them. Another important thing to note here is that a plethora of unnecessary distractions keep our minds occupied. They take up our mental energies, which otherwise could be spent on other productive things.

Boredom is one of the known causes of depression and anxiety. Doing nothing in losing energy and motivation to achieve your short term and long-term goals. Zhuzh up your day by doing something physical which breaks the monotony and gives you that energy boost to finish that task. Try walking, jogging, swimming, or biking, to start becoming more active. Yoga and meditation work like a mental exercise to help you relax and surprisingly improve your focus. Fill up some of that space in time by making a grocery list. Break it up into daily, weekly, or monthly shopping.

For those of us who need to watch what we eat or those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, an advance list will show you just where you need to focus to maintain your goals. Take out time on your list of productive things to do to think about the people who have given you the courage to be at the place you are right now. It could be your colleagues, teachers, managers, bosses, friends, or family members. You can either send them handwritten thank you cards or a nicely crafted.

Sending a message on their social media s will also suffice. This will help you the same as networking in events for your career and personal growth. Take a moment to tell them that you love them all and also when finishing up on an important project or when you have achieved a big milestone, remember to thank the people who helped you out in life.

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The Best Alternatives of The best use of your time can be helping those who need help. your local shelter or volunteer group to spread goodwill. The feel-good element of course is a bonus as volunteering has been proven to help with symptoms of depression, anxiety, anger, and depression. Watching motivational videos is an important investment in your personal and professional development and is another productive thing to do when bored. If you want to watch a mix of different motivational speakers from around the world, then you can subscribe to the TEDx Talks channel.

This can be fun and enlightening. It is an awesome way to add your voice to the world and interact with people who may subscribe to your blog or even just read it and leave comments. Some blogs can be added plus for your career and can improve your CV.

Blogs are a great way to build your confidence and help you figure out your skillset or passion. Try picking up on a niche where you have some knowledge or some expertise; like if you are a good student, share your tips with others; if you are a stay at home mom, share your home and life hacks, your survival stories, and so on. Once you are up and running on blogging and microsites like, MediumTumblror LinkedIn Publisheryou can look into buying a domain and creating and copyrighting your identity.

Start off with WordPressWixor Weebly. Check out this guide on starting a blog. If you are a tech enthusiast and always looking for the next new thing, the next new software, mobile applications, or tech gadgets, then you should Product Hunt.

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Looking for some afternoon fun

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