Love in stowting

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You can find out more by reading my Privacy Policy. But, mostly, it is either those or places that are good for drinking or all the food comes in wholesale — there is nothing wrong with that, but it is not something I personally really enjoy. Or their menus have gone a bit odd with nothing on them you actually want to eat.

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First, I want to send my love and best wishes to all the fantastic eateries around the Canterbury bit of East Kent who had their weekend lunch and dinner services cancelled by a burst water main. This left us in a bit of pickle, arriving somewhere to eat, discovering there was no food, and then ringing around places to find out it they even had running water or not. Happily, someone at the bar mentioned that The Tiger Inn in Stowting — quite near my parents house which was helpful — had just re-opened with new owners and with a new food focus after a massive refurbishment, and we managed to snag an early evening table.

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As I mentioned, while they now do excellent food, The Tiger Inn is still somewhere you can go get a drink. Additionally, the service was excellent, the atmosphere fantastic and I really want to visit again before the summer is over when the weather is right to sit on their beautiful terrace; literally my only complaint which, as you can see from these slightly odd coloured food pictures there were spotlights on all the tables, and for a pub that was not that dark, it seemed a bit bright and unnecessary — I also think they may make the pub less cosy come winter.

Not fatty at all, just crisp and full of wonderful fresh summer flavours.

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That is not to say my tomato gazpacho with a black olive tapenade bruschetta was not also very tasty literally my only qualm is it could have done with a splash of vinegar to lift it a little ; its just that out of a dinner where everything was delicious everyone else seemed to order better than me!

On the classics side of the table I will be ordering both on a later visit.

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The pork and nduja scotch egg with sundried tomato ketchup was perfectly cooked and very, very tasty. Moving onto our mains, again we ordered from across a typical pub menu spectrum and all very much enjoyed our food.

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The perfect showstopper for a summer evening with fresh, bold flavours, incredibly juicy and tender meat and a plate sauce that was to die for. This was perfectly al dente with a rich sauce and a generous amount of seafood; my mother has always eaten small portions and I happily finished some of this off for her after I was done with my lamb. Generously served with lots of chips and coleslaw it was a lovely homemade rump steak burger, flame grilled, and still pink in the middle: exactly what you want from a good pub burger. Our puddings, again, were excellent.

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But the passion fruit panna cotta — again beautifully presented — was where the party was really at. Do go book at table at The Tiger Inn before everyone else gets in on the game, I for one am already looking for a free Sunday when I can head over there and try out their roast! I'm a food writer living in London and the English Countryside. Welcome to my online diary where I share easy, weeknight recipes, foodie travel diaries and some of the best places I've eaten out recently.

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Love in stowting

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