Moscow strip club 911

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Like a lot of the old Eastern European countries Russian capitalism has made a small very rich while leaving most people very poor. A result of this is that lots of clubs are very expensive and have very strict door policies to keep the impoverished masses out, Moscow is certainly not the ideal venue for a cheap stag weekend!


It does however have a range of clubs to suit all tastes and is currently experiencing a Klondike like boom found nowhere else in the world. The city has a population of Dolls 23b Ul. It opens in the early afternoon and operates until 5.

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Night flight Tversaya Utilisa Moscow 17 www. There is a more brothel like sister club called Erotic club near Leninsky Prospect which is still open.

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Bely Medved Prospect Mira, a www. Ground floor is topless only but the upper floors are full nude. Rasputin Zubovsky Bulvar There are 5 VIP rooms but like the drinks here they are expensive. Has a good claim to be the top place in town if you have enough money. This is one of the cheaper options with a maximum entry fee of around 18Eu. There are private rooms and even a cottage at the back complete with sauna.

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Still pricy but not as expensive as some of the others. The rapid collapse of the old Soviet communist system in the late 80s and early 90s has dramatically changed the countries concerned in many ways some good, some bad.

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Nowhere is the change more striking than in Moscow itself when the new wealth of a small minority has changed the city from a place with no western style nightlife at all in the s to one with one of the liveliest night scenes in the world.

Nudity and striptease of any sorts were banned but these days Moscow has at least 60 clubs featuring nudity with new ones opening all the time. Here are a selection of the best known clubs operating, Dolls 23b Ul. Safari Lodge Prokrovka This is one of the cheaper options with a maximum entry fee of around 18Eu.

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Moscow strip club 911

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