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Hello, Desi Tales readers. I am Neha and back with the story about the reader who wanted to narrate about his naughty wife to you people. So, this is one of the stories written to me and I am just writing on his behalf.

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Gautam fell in love with a hot girl in his college. Deepika, the hot chick of the college. Many men used to stalk her and tried their best to woo her. Frankly speaking, they would do anything to have a date with her.

Gautam was just one among them who longed for her smile. When he stayed in the hostel, many of his friends used to talk about Deepika. One guy would say that he would love to fuck that sexy girl when one used to tell them he would be the one to marry her. All the while, Gautam would feel jealous. But he did not utter a word. Meanwhile, he had a criminal mind. He used to talk bad about all the guys who kept texting her and created a bad impression about the other guys.

He tried very hard to convince her to marry him. Finally, he married her and felt happy. But the real problem started after that. Still, men used to text her and she would reply them. Whenever he saw her, she would be talking to some guy or texting some guy.

Then, he saw men flirting with her and she would just smile and play along. When he asks her to stop that, she would make fun of him for being jealous. But she never stopped doing what she loved.


One day, he wanted to check on her. So, he came home very early.

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When he knocked the door, Deepika answered while talking to one of her friends on the phone. Gautam came inside and she stopped talking for a few minutes.

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But she had started to text someone. She did not answer any of his questions properly.

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She answered all his questions in one word. But this time, he did not feel angry at all. He let her message her friend. When she went to take bath, he soon picked up her mobile and took the screenshots of all the conversation she had with one particular friend. He had seen his name popping up on her phone very often. But since she had a security lock, he could not see what they really talked about. If he asks her about it, she would say that she knew him from her childhood days and have a special place in her heart.

No use in showing since she would never care. One day, he secretly noted her security lock pattern but kept it secret so that he would use it one day. Well, that really helped him that day while taking the screenshots.

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Then, he placed the phone back in the exact position. She came from the shower and soon picked up the phone to see some new texts. With some giggling, she took the phone and sat on the bed without wearing clothes. She just had a towel around her and her body dripping wet.

She again kept texting him. When she came to her wardrobe, she noted that all her inner wears were missing. So, she went to the terrace to pick up her clothes. Meanwhile, he again picked up her phone and copied the remaining messages.

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Then, he lied on the bed to read them. Deepika came in a while with her clothes and wore them. Later, she d texting her friend. Gautam started to read the conversation which went like this. Sachin: Just the drinks. But they guys would do anything for you.

Deepika: Yes. They did. Well, I wore a short skirt for the party as usual. Sachin: Then? Deepika: Gopal tried to touch my thighs. I let him do that. But he took that as an advantage. Sachin: You did not acknowledge me.

My breasts belong to my dear and sexy Sachin. Sachin: Tell me something which would make me horny instantly. Deepika: Well, what is common with you and Sachin Tendulkar.

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Sachin: Oh. You really woke him up. But not completely up. Deepika: No matter what. I still love your dick.

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Either hard or placid. Sachin: Hmm. I can feel something now. Deepika: Wish, I could stay with you now and take that long dick into my mouth. Sachin: When is the last time you had sex with your husband? Deepika: Last night. He might feel jealous but he still can make magic on the bed. Sachin: Now, I feel jealous. You have more rights on my body than anyone in the world. Including me.

Sachin: Fine. Then, come on a video chat. I wanted to see my properties. Deepika: Wait. I need to shower and make them clean before you can see them. After that, only Sachin kept texting if she had returned or not.

Sexy naughty wives chat

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