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These cookies collect information in aggregate form to help us understand how our websites are being used. They allow us to count visits and traffic sources so that we can measure and improve the performance of our sites. If people say no to these cookies, we do not know how many people have visited and we cannot monitor performance. Sweden's female university students are enjoying twice as many partners but using fewer condoms than their counterparts of 10 years ago, worrying research has found.

At the same time, the of female students copping to having an STD had doubled, according to the research from Uppsala University, the local. The …. As we know from the Assange case, in Sweden a woman can retroactively declare rape if her partner didn't use a condom and she claims she wanted him to. Although some Swedish women are undoubtedly daft enough to have unprotected casual sex, just as in any other country, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that there's a of girls trying to exploit the law here.

Do you think that the " of girls [sic] trying to exploit the law" is enough to explain the difference between condom usage a decade ago and condom usage now?

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Girl can be used to refer toJuvenile, Teenager, young woman, or a female of pretty much any age, although in their latter years it is more an affection than an accurate term. Girl is not, in and of itself, defined by their age, only their gender. Plus you need to remember that the age at which a person can consent to sex can be lower than the age at which they are viewed to be an adult.

Anyhow, I think the study is flawed: We are told of a comparison of two points in time: and What about looking at the 70's, 80's and 90's. Are we seeing a change in attitudes, a change in awareness or just things returning to normal? That was clearly a mistake on my part.

Someone asked what a woman would stand to gain by retroactively withdrawing consent: "My client withdraws consent because you didn't use a condom as she wished I also want to make it doubly clear that this isn't what everyone who retroactively withdraws consent is doing, or even more than a small minority of them. You'd end up getting shagged to death before the coffee got cold. Thus making condom use less frequent. Way to go and ruin a great article with the facts register ; May I politely suggest the widespread promotion of safe girl-on-girl scandi student action, using internet video as the medium.

Perhaps they asked the ladies how many partners they had enjoyed sex with. The increase in the s here could show that they quality of their partners was improving and someone is teaching them something useful. Perhaps the out right of partners isn't changing, and since you can end up with the clap whether you had a good time or not this could indicate just about anything. Doses of clap are easier to measure, the local clinic can probably give you the of infections. But the of partners is not so easy to measure. Other research has shown that women under claim partners in surveys and men over claim them this is different to people in long term relationships where in one couple one partner will complain that they are always having sex while the other will complain they hardly ever have sex.

Sorry I digress, the difference in reported s of partners could be at least partly due to a greater willingness on the part of those surveyed to own up to a of liaisons. Clinics can only measure the infection rates of people who visit them. They could have more patients visiting due to a greater awareness of the symptoms rather than an outright increase in infections.

You only need a few dozen very active guys to sleep with several hundred women to give each of the ladies an average of a dozen partners and the clap. Human and other primate mating patters do suggest that alpha male types tend to have a much higher of partners x10 than their less testosterone enriched counterparts whereas women tend to all have a fairly even spread.

Sexual encounters have doubled, and the of STDs has doubled accordingly, despite condom use being lower. Adjusting for sexy inflation, that says that the STD-rate is technically going down no pun intended. When you think about it IF the data is true and I seriously question the accuracy of any sex survey like this the whole thing is a bit of a contradiction Twice the of partners and twice the of STD's implies that transmission rate has stayed similar.

Form this we infer that rates of infection have stayed similar BUT we are told they have doubled.

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I should know. Fortunately, managed to avoid the 'pox-doctor' or 'clap-clinic' so far It's only a survey of female students at Uppsala University, so "Sweden's female students" is stretching things a bit. Maybe they're now just more honest than the students 10 years ago when the doctor at the clinic asks them how many partners they've had? Is it possible that the are skewed by more women declaring themselves as 'students' in order to 'pay their way through college'?

If he had slept with uni students who share his dislike for condoms, instead of the two older women, he would have been fine today. Regarding STI increase, considering the amount of people carrying the HSV and Chlamydia infections, the statistics need not be too worrying as long as people are getting the medical attention required. From thelocal. If one partner says "don't want condom" and the other says "only with a condom", then no consensual sex can take place until one of them backs down.

Given the physical mechanics of heterosexual sex, would you not agree that in transient partnerships the male partner is considerably more likely to be the one saying "don't want"? A man insisting on not using a condom is a bastard and should be pilloried, but he's also unlikely to be the kind of person who would listen to anyone saying "Young men must start insisting they use a condom".

The men who aren't bastards won't need the partner to 'insist' - a simple 'do you have one' would be enough. If you're trying to solve a problem, it makes sense to aim at the part most likely to have a noticeable effect. If course, an encounter along the lines of "I'm drunk, you're drunk, let's have sex! Thankfully, a fair of such encounters end up with one of them vomiting on the way to a bed, so never quite getting around to the sex part Maybe they are simply being more honest now in the survey responses, i.

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Because either the authors are misogynysts, or they assume their intended readership are. My money's on both - use of the word "slutty" in a headline is a dead giveaway. In the 70's the mere mention of the word "Sweden" was sufficient to conjure up an image of pneumatic blondes who were just aching to share their new found sexual freedom with whoever caught them naked on the beach Now all I get is the thought of a bad back from screwing together all those bloody Ikea wardrobes It is a survey under students that used the University's health service.

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Maybe there is a correlation between 1 slutty behavior, 2 non-use of condoms, 3 contraction of STDs and 4 contacting the university health service as oppossed to people not needing health services at all or contacting their GP instead? Well that outcome is consistent with the trend throughout Europe towards more prudery resulting in less openess about sex, sexuality, sexual health matters and what a surprise, worse outcomes. Before anyone objects, no I don't have any direct evidence that that is part of the cause in this example, but it is consistent with observed patterns.

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Remember me. Swedish college girls now twice as slutty as in Sweden's female university students are enjoying twice as many partners but using fewer condoms than their counterparts of 10 years ago, worrying research has found. Calle me falta un tornillo Icon: Always wear a jacket. All the rape in Sweden? Friday 18th November GMT slhilly. That would be women, not girls. You know, adults, as opposed to children.

Sweden girls sluts

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