Vain and Stuck up

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How to use stuck-up in a sentence. What need to look to right or left when you are swallowing up free mile after mile of dizzying road? Most of the men leaped up, caught hold of spears or knives, and rushed out.

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Some weeks after, the creditor chanced to be in Boston, and in walking up Tremont street, encountered his enterprising friend. In less than ten minutes, the bivouac was broken up, and our little army on the march. The bride elect rushes up to him, and so they both step down to the foot-lights.

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I was busy loading the piece when an exclamation of surprise from one of the men made me look up. Even as they gazed they saw its roof caught up, and whirled off as if it had been a scroll of paper. She sat straight up in bed, and jerked her hands to her head, and screamed long and terribly. A flash of surprise and pleasure lit the fine eyes of the haughty beauty perched up there on the palace wall.

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When we'd finished, one of the hunters rounded up the horses and we caught our nags and saddled them. Choose the synonym for future.

Vain Xpressions x Stuck up by Ali V.
Vain and Stuck up

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